Cornish Sunsets: A perfect way to end a day!

Fri 27 Jan, 2017

Even though Cornwall may not be the warmest this time of year due to our Cornish coastal breeze, we still know how to produce a perfect, picturesque sunset. Whether it’s a subtle glow over a harbour or a striking red sky above our villages, beaches and countryside, Cornwall is never short on providing everyone with the excellent opportunity to snap a winning photo.

This time of year does find us walking on frosty ground, but the local views are easily persuading us to leave our firesides and head out to witness the amazing colours printed in the sky. We are very fortunate down here to experience great sunset scenery almost on a daily basis, so never be too disappointed if you miss out on grabbing that special photo.
I have provided some of our favourite places to view a great sunset, which we recommend for you to visit and experience first-hand.

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Wonderful view and well-appointed accommodation.


Stayed here 4 times! Love that it’s so close to the beach! Just returned from a fabulous week again! And weather was great! Thank you Maenporth.


Beautiful location, wonderful beach and views.