Meet Paul, our head gardener

Our gardens are almost sub-tropical in nature and life in the coastal climate can be both vibrant and challenging.

A Riot of Rhododendrons

The gardens this month are a busy time for us. Temperatures are up, days are longer and everything is bursting into bloom.

The Rhododendrons have been at their best this year due to the mild winter and new may flowering yakushimanum varieties have been introduced.

Pruning and Training

Rhododendrons can be lightly pruned after flowering if desired. Young plants should be deadheaded to improve flowering and appearance. Evergreens such as viburnum tinus can be trimmed this month to keep them in shape.

The Future is Purple

Early purple orchids (orhis mascula) are in full flower and will become a feature in future years.

Tips - lawn care

Between April to June apply a high nitrogen summer lawn fertiliser to encourage a healthy lawn. If moss is a problem choose a combined fertiliser and moss killer, rake and reseed if necessary.

Selective lawn weed killers are effective and will kill weeds but not grass or naturalised bulbs.

--- Reviews for Maenporth Estate ---

Wonderful view and well-appointed accommodation.


Stayed here 4 times! Love that it’s so close to the beach! Just returned from a fabulous week again! And weather was great! Thank you Maenporth.


Beautiful location, wonderful beach and views.