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We are Covid secure. Find out more


If you suspect that you or one of your party might have symptoms of Coronavirus, please contact NHS helpline on 111 (and now 119), or the online Coronavirus service.  

Note: The World Health Organisation has stated these are the main symptoms of Covid-19:

  • A new, continuous dry cough

  • Fever

  • Shortness of breath

  • Change or loss of taste or smell

In the event of a guest testing positive for Coronavirus we would ask them (or a member of their group) to notify reception.

The keypad next to the entrance barrier is used frequently at the height of the holiday season.  To limit the contact risk, we will leave the barrier open on changeover days between the hours of 9 am – 6 pm to enable cleaners and new guests to enter without the need to touch the keypad.

Once a guest arrives at their holiday home and open their key safe, they will find an entry fob on the key ring.  This will enable guests to enter the Estate by bringing the fob close to the reader, which is mounted on the same post as the keypad.

Guests are being asked to register online to avoid close contact in the Leisure Centre.  To do this, they click the Coronavirus link on the Maenporth Estate website and select online registration and follow the instructions.  Enter the code maenporth1836

If for any reason guests are unable to use this system they can email their registration details to, or telephone reception on 01326 250605. 

Guests that do not register their arrival within 24 hours could be asked to leave the Estate.

A temporary reception desk will be provided inside the foyer of the Leisure Centre for urgent enquiries.  We would ask you to limit visitors to 1 person per holiday home and ring the doorbell on arrival. Staff will be on site from 9am – 6pm, Monday-Sunday.

To minimise the risk to visitors and staff, the normal reception desk will be cordoned off along with the toilets, kitchen and access steps to the upstairs lounge. 

Due to the reception desk being moved, the table tennis and pool table facilities along with the upstairs coffee lounge will not be available. 


Guests will be encouraged to contact their letting agents directly by telephone or email, should any problems arise with their accommodation. 

Our main objective is to keep our guests and staff safe. We need your help to achieve this and ask you to comply with the following requirements. 



  1. One-hour sessions will be allocated throughout the day which will allow for a 45-minute swim and 15 minutes for cleaning between sessions. 

  2. There will be is a limit of 15 people per session.

  3. Swimmers will need to book a 45-minute swimming slot by calling reception on 01326 250605.

  4. Booking will be by appointment from 12 noon the day before or on the day itself, subject to availability.

  5. Guests will be limited as to how often they can book a session and they will not be able to book another on the same day other than in very quiet periods, and at the discretion of the staff.

  6. If the number of guests wanting to book exceeds availability, guests will be entered onto a waiting list.


Management of sessions


  1. We request that 1 guest from each pre-booked group will need to come to the Leisure Centre reception desk to check in 10 minutes before a session commences.

  2. The guest will receive a numbered coloured wrist band for each number of their group.

  3. They will need to bring their entry fob (which is attached to their property keys) and swipe the fob reader – this is to help us meet our “track and trace” obligations. 

  4. Having checked in, guests will be asked to leave by the side entrance of the foyer and proceed to the nearest sliding door outside the pool hall (marked entry), where they will wait for their session to begin.

  5. Guests will be asked to use hand sanitiser prior to entering the pool hall and the lifeguard will provide guidance to guests prior to them entering the pool on the use of the pool and spa. 

  6. All swimmers will need to be prepared by having their swimwear under their robe or clothing as the changing facilities will not be available. 

  7. Guests will need to return to their properties to shower and change.

  8. Clothes hooks will be available on the walls of the pool hall, along with a limited number of chairs. 

  9. The use of the spa will be limited to 3 adults (over the age of 16) at any one time, all from the same family group.

  10. The disabled toilet will be available (for urgent use only) but only 1 person at a time will be allowed access. 

  11. There will be a table at the entrance to the corridor with a “Toilet Vacant/ Not Vacant” sign which users will be asked to turn as appropriate.

  12. Users will also be asked to use hand sanitiser prior to entering the disabled toilet and on exit.

  13. Guests will not be allowed to enter the pool hall until the session is due to commence. 

  14. Pool inflatables or toys of any kind (other than small sinkers) will not be permitted in the pool.

  15. Jumping in from the side of the pool will not be permitted, to prevent the risk of injury and disruption of distancing requirements. 

  16. Distancing requirements will be enforced.

  17. Our lifeguard will give guests 10 minutes advance warning that a session is about to end. 

  18. At the end of a session guests will be asked to collect their belongings and leave by the other sliding door at the far end of the pool hall. 

  19. When leaving, everyone will be asked to place their wristband in a bucket of disinfectant.

  20. The lifeguards will be responsible for cleaning the pool area and toilets in the 15 minutes available before the next session. 

  21. During this time the sliding doors will be kept locked.


To book a tennis court, guests will need to telephone reception on 01326 250605.  

Players will need to bring their own equipment They will also be encouraged to use the hand sanitiser before commencing play and on leaving the tennis courts.

The facilities will be locked at 6pm every night and opened at 9am every morning. 


The children’s play area will be available.

Children should be supervised at all times and be encouraged to use the hand sanitiser before and after play.


These will also be provided for use in the following areas:

  • By the entrance to the Leisure Centre

  • By the staff toilets

  • In the communal areas of the Crags, Ridges and Lower Stables

  • Next to each bin store

  • Next to the children’s play area

  • Next to the tennis courts