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Estate Use Policy

The Maenporth Estate Code of Conduct

For individual safety and security, the Estate Code must be adhered to at all times.

The Maenporth Estate offers a tranquil country and seaside retreat. Everyone within its boundaries is expected to abide by the code of conduct and to respect the privacy and property rights of others.

To maintain this first-class quality and exclusiveness the Maenporth Estate Company Limited and the property owners are governed by legal articles, covenants, rules etc., including statutory health and safety regulations, and all are legally bound to implement these on behalf of Maenporth Owners Limited – the Code of Conduct is based on these legal requirements.

Registration - For legal and security reasons all Estate residents are required to register at the Leisure Centre Reception on arrival (or as soon as possible thereafter) giving name, property number and vehicle details. The Estate is private and solely for the use of property owners, their guests and holiday-let residents. It is not open to the public. Friends of holiday-let residents (i.e. people not actually residing on the Estate) are not permitted to use either the leisure facilities or the grounds of the Estate. Problems should be referred to either the Estate Manager or to a staff member.

Access is via the security gate –the security code is not to be passed to anyone without permission. Estate roadways have a maximum 10mph speed limit. Pedestrian access throughout the Estate is solely via paths and roadways – not over lawns and flowerbeds. Please respect communal areas which are maintained by the estate staff and are not for personal usage and most certainly not to be used as play areas. Pay attention to signs and no litter please.

Car Parking for one car per property (parked at own risk) is in the designated parking areas provided for each group of properties – additional parking is available at the leisure centre in a visitors bay, or as arranged with the estate staff. Two bicycle racks (own risk) are provided – at the leisure centre and by Lower Stables. Bicycles must not be left in communal hallways, leaning against property walls or causing obstruction. Special arrangements must be made in advance, via the Estate office, for parking/storage of dinghies and trailers (subject to availability). No caravans, commercial vehicles or mobile homes of any description are allowed to park on the Estate.

Animals – No animals, birds, reptiles are allowed on the Estate with the exception of dogs belonging to property owners and their families or Guide Dogs. (Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times and dog fouling cleared immediately – dogs are not allowed within the leisure complex, the communal areas, children’s play area, tennis courts etc.)

Children remain at all times the responsibility of their parents/guardians. A play area is situated by the tennis courts – children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

General - No items should be left outside your property – No towels, clothes etc may be hung over balcony rails, out of windows or on patio furniture at any time. Each property has its own private patio area or balcony and patio furniture which is not to be used by others or moved elsewhere. Financial compensation will be sought for any damage caused to Estate property, grounds etc.

Please keep noise to a minimum at all times but especially between 11pm and 8am.

Refuse must be bagged and placed inside a lidded refuse bin in the designated bolted refuse areas – lids to be closed at all times. Bins are emptied on a regular basis. To avoid problems with wildlife and scavenging, please do not leave food or refuse outside and do not feed the birds.

Barbecues - The barbecue area is situated by the side of the leisure centre and must be cleaned after use. Barbecues at your property are permitted only if these do not cause nuisance to your neighbours.

The Leisure Complex – is the hub of the Estate and manned by helpful Estate staff covering reception, general and emergency assistance. Open to residents at published times. All users must sign in/out via Users Book. Access to the pool area is via a security door under the control of the Estate staff. (Numbers using the pool may be limited at busy periods.) Please adhere to the displayed pool hygiene and safety rules, particularly regarding if and when your children must be accompanied. Your safety and that of your children is your personal responsibility.

Tennis courts Booking via reception staff – only tennis to be played. Footwear – approved tennis shoes with white soles are allowed; no hard shoes.

We hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for your co-operation.

Rules of Use for Leisure Facilities

Leisure facilities must not be used until the registration book has been signed and a copy of the Rules of Use and Child Admissions Policy received and read.

Maenporth Estate’s leisure facilities are private and solely for the use of the Estate’s property owners and their resident guests. 

All users must comply with the Rules of Use, which are intended to ensure the health and safety of all users of the leisure facilities. Any breach of these Rules, or any behaviour that may compromise health and safety, will result in the right to use these facilities being removed. All users are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of any children for whom they have responsibility and they should not do anything to put themselves or others at risk. Users should read all relevant safety notices.

Alcohol is not allowed in the Leisure Centre under any circumstances. Facilities may not be used under the influence of alcohol.

Children are at all times the responsibility of the parent or accompanying adult when using the Leisure facilities.

Games Hall Area and Wi-Fi Lounge

Children under the age of eight years are not permitted in the games hall area unless accompanied and supervised at all times by a responsible adult. All children remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times and any children displaying unsafe or unacceptable behaviour will be asked to leave.

Table tennis - Children under the age of eight years are not permitted to use the table tennis unless accompanied by an adult.

Pool table - Children under the age of 12 years are not permitted to use the pool table unless accompanied by an adult.

Tennis Courts and Children’s Play Area

Play area - Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Tennis courts - Book by completing the form available at reception.

Appropriate tennis shoes must be worn at all times when using the courts.

Pool Hall Area

Supervision - Constant supervision of the pool is not provided (except at specified times) although there will always be a member of staff onsite who can be summoned in the event of an emergency – see Emergencies and First Aid below. 

At specified busy times, constant poolside supervision will be provided. You will be made aware of this by a notice displayed at the access desk.

Access - All users must sign the Access Book at the reception desk before entering the pool area and sign out on departure. 

Access into the pool area is through a security door controlled by the member of staff on duty.

All users must shower before use of pool.

Photography, mobile phones, tablet PCs etc.
 - Not permitted in the swimming pool area when it is in use.

Lone swimming - As risks are increased when swimming alone, please advise a member of staff if you are the only person in the swimming pool.

Diving - Prohibited at all times as the shape of the pool does not provide an adequate stretch of water for safe clearance.

Running - Highly dangerous in the pool area and prohibited at all times.

Inflatables - Only inflatables used as training aids are allowed in the pool, i.e. armbands, floats, etc.

Spa - The maximum number permitted in the spa at any one time is six people. 

Children under five years are not permitted in the spa as the temperature, kept at approximately 34-35˚C, is too warm for young children.

Sauna - The maximum number permitted in the sauna at any one time is five people. 

Children under 12 years are not permitted in the sauna. 

All users must shower before and after use, and refer to the advice displayed next to the sauna door.

Emergencies and First Aid

In the event of an emergency, or if first aid is required, the member of staff on duty should immediately be summoned. If the member of staff is not in sight, either of the red emergency buttons situated on the walls in the pool hall should be pressed. An emergency telephone is located next to the red button at the shallow end, should the emergency services need to be called.

Child Admissions Policy for facilities through controlled access door

Adult responsibility - A responsible person (aged at least 18 years) must accompany all children under the age of 15 years when there is no poolside supervision provided.

The person responsible must (as recommended by CIMSPA) go into the water with all children under eight years, maintain constant watch over all children for whom they are responsible and be in close contact with those who are weak or non-swimmers. This applies whether or not constant poolside supervision is provided.

Ratios - The following adult to child rations must be complied with:

Adult/child ratio (Adult – a responsible person aged at least 18 years)

0-3 years - 1 adult to 1 child but can be 1 adult to 2 children, provided both wear suitable swim aids.*

4-7 years - 1 adult to a maximum of 2 children but can be 1 adult to 3 children, provided at least one has been assessed as a competent swimmer.**

Mixed ages – where children are between 0-3 and 4-7 - 1 adult to 2 children if both wear suitable swim aids but can be 1 adult to 3 children if a 4-7 year old has been assessed as a competent swimmer.**

8-14 years - Must be accompanied by responsible adult, but can be in addition to above numbers, provided assessed as competent swimmer.**

12-14 years - When notice displayed at Access Desk states that constant poolside supervision is provided, can swim unaccompanied, as long as assessed as competent swimmer.**

Total maximum number of children per adult is 4 (12-14 year olds not counted when constant poolside supervision is provided.)

*Swim aids - Acceptable swimming aids to increase the ratio are: armbands, float belts, swim jackets and baby swim seats.

**Competent swimmer - To be classed as a competent swimmer each child must be assessed by Maenporth leisure staff and added to the Leisure Centre’s competent swimmer records. Assessments can be arranged via leisure staff. The child will need to demonstrate they can jump in at the deep end, swim 3 lengths of Maenporth’s pool unaided, and safely reach the side.