Meet Paul, our head gardener

Our gardens are almost sub-tropical in nature and life in the coastal climate can be both vibrant and challenging.

Tropical Additions

To improve the sub tropical feel of the gardens, we have introduced plants such as Cycads, Protea and Tree ferns into areas protected from the elements, which should provide them with the conditions they need to thrive.

Tree ferns especially dislike strong drying winds and full sun - combined with dry soil this can prove fatal. Finding somewhere suitable has been tricky as we are sited on a hill, so water tends to drain away quickly. Digging in soil improvers has locked in some moisture, so we will have to see how they establish.

Brief history.

The Tasmanian tree fern is the most commonly grown tree fern in the Northern hemisphere. This Australian tree fern came into the UK at the end of the 20th Century aboard ships returning from Australia.

The ships carrying goods back from the colonies used tree fern trunks as ballast or weights in their holds to prevent cargoes moving about in heavy seas. At docks around the South West of England the trunks were discarded on the quayside when ships were unloaded. It was here that people noticed these trunks were growing new fronds and that, in time, the ends of the trunks were turning upwards and starting to re-grow towards the light.

The Tasmanian tree fern ( Dicksonia Antarctica) variety are imported in large numbers each year and are a common sight in gardens of Cornwall, and now ours!

Protea Cynaroides "Little Prince"
Butia capitata
Cyas revoluta
Dicksonia antartica

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