Meet Paul, our head gardener

Our gardens are almost sub-tropical in nature and life in the coastal climate can be both vibrant and challenging.

Uncovering the past

Over the last year, we have been slowly clearing back undergrowth and branches encroaching onto pathways in the woodlands, south of the estate.

Historically part of the original gardens, I was keen to improve access to this enjoyable walk down to the valley, where the footpath can be continued to Mawnan Smith.

Whilst cutting back overgrown laurel, I noticed an area between trees which appeared to lead east towards the beach. I decided to clear this neglected area and discovered a perfectly straight path, after further investigation I found some old photos of Hester and Julia Sterling, residents in the grounds from 1870. The path pictured, matches the one uncovered, after peeling back some ivy the original walls also appears to be there.

--- Reviews for Maenporth Estate ---

Wonderful view and well-appointed accommodation.


Stayed here 4 times! Love that it’s so close to the beach! Just returned from a fabulous week again! And weather was great! Thank you Maenporth.


Beautiful location, wonderful beach and views.